Sharing Environmental activities

Hansol has planted and grown the most number of trees nationwide.


Green Picture

The company that has planted most number of trees.

With the afforestation project in Buan that started in 1966, Hansol has been engaging in environmental protection avtivities.

The manufacturing sector of Hansol Paper has been striving to recycle 100% of resources through recycling and wastewater treatment technologies. In addition, continuous efforts to protect and recover the environment have encouraged each of our affiliates to take charge in cleaning up rivers. Based on the corporate philosophy that values nature and the environment, Hansol Paper has planted a tatal of 43 miliion trees nationwide since 1966-that's giving 110 billion won worth of value back to the community. As such, Hansol is committed to maintaining its role as an eco-friendly member of society. As the first domestic company to start overseas forestation in 1993, Hansol Home Deco has contributed to the forestation of approximately 10,000 hectares of Radiata pine trees in New Zealand which can be used for many purposes. Such overseas forestation projects by Hansol Home Deco are consistent with the worldwide trend of environment protection and they are recognied as active countermeasures against global warming in accordance with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.